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SABR - 35 In Toronto August 4-7, 2005

Bill James and Rob Neyer - Won an award for their book on pitchers.  James speech consisted of "Thanks" and latter "no" to a question Rob asked him... What a word smith.

Baseball Primer's Chris Jaffe - Presenting: Pitching Aging Patterns: Determining Changes in Baseball Over the Years.  Maybe you can tell from the slide in the background, but Jaffe loves numbers

Retrosheet's and Bob Davies award winner David Smith - a more fitting winner has never drawn a breath.

Sabrmetric legend Gary Gillett presenting a new reliever metric.

From left to right Chris Jaffee, Craig Burley, Joe Dimino and Aaron Gleeman, as we wait for drinks at the kilt bar.

The great Mike Emeigh during his fantastic presentation: Assessing Pitchers' Impact on the Results for Balls in Play: An Extreme View - Sorry your so blurry Mike.

The Wise Vinay Kumar from the Hardball Times and Primer (right) and Young Thomas from The Batters Box (left).

Dial (left) and Jaffe (right) - more from the Kilt Bar.

Will Young (Left) John Murphy (Right) - Kilt Bar

From Front Left to Front Right: Gleeman, Rauseo, Young, Murphy, Daly, Thomas, Vinay, Burley, Dial, Jaffe, Dimino

The Magnificent Jim Furtado AKA chief primate, Dan Szymborski, and Jon Daly.


Left to Right -Ron Johnson, Matt Rauseo, Chris Dial, John Daly, Dan Szymborski, and John Northly(?)

Tony Giacalone and his boy Dick Allen.