Thursday, July 14, 2005

WAS-COL: Zach Day and J.J. Davis for Preston Wilson

I like the trade for the Rox. Day has some upside, not as much as I though 2 years ago but certainly some. He's best pitch is a power sinker which he has trouble commanding. He also throws a slider and a change – both are average pitches.

Davis is a rotation outfielder - which Colorado is swimming in. He's mashed lefties in the minors but his swing has more holes in it than a pound of swiss cheese. So his MLE's aren't likely accurate translations. He could be a useful 150 AB bench player

The Rox didn't give up anything of real value, though they might take a PR hit. At this point, the PR hit isn't all that big of a deal since they have such little talent in the organization.

For the Nationals they gained an outfielder who can't defensively handle CF, and who doesn't hit well enough to play the corner anymore.

The most important thing I see from this trade is that Nick Johnson is more hurt than anyone is letting on. With Wilkerson, Guillen, and a platoon of Church and Byrd in the outfield the Expos really have no need to carry Wilson. It only makes sense if Wilkerson is going to have to pick up some real time at 1b. With Nick the Stick done, and the Braves surging like usual - The Nat's won't be long for first place.