Friday, July 15, 2005

2004 Rauseo Awards

Surprise Team (the good): St. Louis - how often is a 100 win team a suprise? Well if you read the season previews you would understand.
Surprise Team (the bad): Kansas City - above .500 one year to .358 the next.
More of the same: Yankees

Best team: Cardinals
Best team to watch: Rangers

AL CY Young: Johan Santana
AL MVP: Ichiro Suzuki
AL ROY: Lew Ford
AL Manager of the Year: Tito Francona - sticking with Millar as long as you did got my vote.
AL Breakout player of the year: Johan Santana
AL All Nine C: Ivan Rodriguez
AL All Nine 1b: Mark Teixeira
AL All Nine 2b: Alfonso Soriano
AL All Nine SS: Carlos Guillen
AL All Nine 3b: Melvin Mora
AL All Nine LF: Manny Ramirez
AL All Nine CF: Mark Kotsay
AL All Nine RF: Ichiro Sukuzi

NL CY Young: Carlos Zambrano
NL MVP: Barry Bonds
NL ROY: Khalil Greene
NL MOY: Tony LaRussa
NL Breakout player of the year: Ben Sheets
NL All Nine C: Jason Kendall
NL All Nine 1b: Albert Pujols
NL All Nine 2b: Mark Loretta
NL All Nine SS: Jimmy Rollins
NL All Nine 3b: Adrian Beltre
NL All Nine LF: Barry Bonds
NL All Nine CF: Jim Edmonds
NL All Nine RF: Lance Berkman