Thursday, July 14, 2005

TEX: Juan Dominguez to AAA: Ramirez to MLB

I don't really know what the Rangers are doing with their pitching staff. I can't even remotely fathom what they are trying to do. We know this - Kenny Rogers and Chris Young are carrying the rotation and Frankie Cordero is carrying the pen. After that I sure don't get what they are trying to do. They have tried to slip their best pitcher last season through waiver in Ryan Drese only to have him picked up by a first place team, and instantly turn his season around. A legit third starter would go along way to the Rangers playoff hopes. Instead of trying to find that starter they are jerking around with Chan Ho Park, who has been surprisingly solid, the immortal Way Back Wasdin, and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Now Dominguez was a pretty good starting pitching prospect coming into the year. Good enough that I thought there was a good chance he would get 20 starts for the Rangers. He throws a very good good fb, and a better change. His problem is a lack of a third pitch. So after a few starts this season, and an early season bullpen implosion cause them to move him to the pen. Well considering his stuff, it might be where he ends up anyway. He struggled in higher leverage situations, but pitched well in lower level situations. He gets shelled once and gets sent down. This is a guy with legit relief ace stuff, and they showed no patience.

Now they are going to give Erasmo Ramirez a shot. Generally the kind of guys I like seeing get a shot - kicked around for a while. Pretty good career minor league numbers, and is a strike throwing machine.

What I don't want to see is him getting a shot at the expense of a guy who might be a difference maker, rather than a guy who might be serviceable. I would much rather them cut some of the chafe from the roster like Brocial, or Mahey.

If you really want to take a shot at winning, then give the ball to Kamereon Loe every fifth day, and scrap Wasdin.