Thursday, July 14, 2005

OAK-COL: Kennedy/Witasick for Byrnes/Quintanilla

A good trade for the Rox. Two in one day, that maybe be one more good trade than they have made in two years.

Byrnes a right-hand hitting defensively challenged outfielder has a pretty good chance to make himself some coin hitting in Colorado for 81 games. He's not really better than the other options the Rockies have, mostly because he's going to cost them 30 runs a year manning a corner outfield spot in Coors. With that said Byrnes could hit 300/380/500 the rest of the year (fantasy league steal) - of course he still wouldn't be an average player. The Rockies will have him for 2 more pre-arb years, and maybe if he has a good a year and a half they can turn him into an asset that actually might help them win some games rather than just be a good fantasy league player.

Quinanilla is the best asset in the trade - he's a defensively challenged SS, who will likely more to 2b in the near future. Sickles rated him B+ coming into the season, BA rated him the 8th best Oakland prospect and Baseball Prospectus rated him in the high 30's in their top 50 prospects list. With that said he has been a disappointment this year, as a 23 year old not showing much power in AA.

Witasick, is one of the 75 relievers in baseball who every year you never know what your going to get. So far the Good Witaskick has been around, but who knows how long that will last, ask the Yankees. He'll likely be the 5th best reliever on the A's so he won't get them into too much trouble even if he blows up.

Kennedy, has struggled this year - but was very good last year. He'll likely force Saarloos out of the rotation, but I doubt he'll pitch as well as Saarloos has pitched in the first half. I'd say this is more a depth move than anything else, though I would likely prefer to give Seth Etherton or Juan Cruz a shot first.