Thursday, July 14, 2005

BOS-OAK: Chad Bradford for Jay Payton

I understand why Bradford is going to the Sox, as their bullpen is bad. Not mediocre, not OK, not even serviceable - but bad (a constant them of mid season Theo Epstein Red Sox).

Bradford will have a chance to be the Sox second option out of the pen assuming Timlin will remain their first. Embree has completely floundered in the roll this year, and Sox just need some help. No they need more than some help, they need a CRAP load of help.

On the other hand I don't understand why the A's want Jay Payton, who can hit a bit, and field a ton - but is position blocked by a guy who they just over-payed to tie up for the next 2 years. I guess you could make the argument that Payton can man a corner, but do you really want a guy who can hit a bit, and field a ton playing a corner? Is he better than Kielty or Swisher at this point? Can he force Swisher to first and force out Billy Beane first love Scott Hatteburg? Is he going to force some kind of DH rotation until Ruby is back from the DL? Sure Bradford was superflous for the A's... but what doe Payton bring to the table for them?

The irony is Payton whined his way out of Boston because he didn't want to be a rotation outfielder and instead wanted to play full time. Well guess what he looks to be in Oak...