Thursday, July 14, 2005

BOS: Schilling actived - Cassidy DFA - Youklis demoted

Schilling will be used out of the pen as he apparently hasn't recovered enough from his ankle injury to start. The Sox definitely need bullpen help, and to straighten out the mess that is currently their bullpen they are going to need a god's intervention. Coincidentally some people think of Schilling as a god.

Cassidy - a minor league FA signed in the off-season, for organization depth has been DFA'd which means he'll come off the 40 man roster. No real loss as he likely would have been removed in the off-season as the Sox have close to 10 prospects who will need to be added to the 40 man in the off-season.

Youklis is just another victim of the RedSox dearth of 1b, all of which are better than Kevin Millar. In fact, it’s possible that the two first baseman in Pawtucket are better than the two first baseman in Boston. In fact it’s more likely than possible – it’s a sure frigging thing.

The Sox are going with 12 pitchers at this point - something I'm not a huge fan of, but considering Wells, Schilling and Miller all might be unavailable on a moments notice it's a necasary evil.

The downside is that Adam Stern is the only real backup outfielder on the roster, and he hit's like pitcher.