Wednesday, July 20, 2005

BOS-KC: Graffinino for Cedeno and Ambres

Graff is one of the better 5th infielders in the game. He can hit some, play a plus second base while being servicable everywhere else in the infield, or outfield in a pinch. He'll be useful to the Sox, either as a reserve or a platoon keystoner, depending on how they man the position in the second half.

Bellhorn has struggled, and is now on the DL. Cora is a plus defender, and might make for a good platoonmate with Graff. The other option is minor leaguer Dustin Pedoia, who would have been my choice to get the job - but he has some injury issues right now, as he has been batteling swelling in his wrist after being plunked their in a minor league game 3 weeks ago.

Cedeno is a flamethrower with no command who is stuck in A ball with limited successs. He wasn't long for the Sox organazation, since he was on the 40 man this year, and a ton of minor leaguers are about to pass him on the depth chart and will beed to be included next year. The Sox likely would have lost him on a waiver claim if he was worth anything.

Ambres is an intresting player a first round pick by the Marlins in the 90's has struggled to put it together but came out the gate this season like a bat out of hell. He might make for a decent stop gap CF, for some organazation, or perhaps a solid 4th outfielder. Trading of Ambres and Payton in the last little while indicate to me that the Sox are either going to resign Damon, are higher on Adam Sterms than I am, or are going to look to make a position switch of a minor leaguer into CF, since they currently don't have anyone in the organzation who looks like he can be a good CF at the MLB level in 2006. Unless it's Hanley Ramirez.