Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SDP - Loretta, Nevin, Hensley IN, Johnson, Seanez, Asencio, Reyes OUT

Lots of stuff here. The long and the short of it is the lineup gets a lot better with Loretta forcing Damain Jackson, who has preformed well back to the bench. While Nevin forces Sweeney back into the role as number 1 pinch hitter.

The Padres bench is very strong the way some of these guys are currently playing:
Jackson - Util
Blum - Util
Fick - C/Util
Nady - OF
Sweeney - 1b/OF
Eric Young - OF

That's a lot of options with varying skill sets. A huge hand to Towers/Bochy for putting it together.

Clay Hensley replaces Rudy Saenez in the pen. Hensley's track record is mixed, but he's been great for Portland this year - if your going to give the guy a shot this is the time.