Sunday, July 17, 2005

Braves activate Tim Hudson, send down Andy Marte

Now that Hudson and Hampton are back from the DL, the A's rotation looks to be ready to push for 1st place. The question now is how much longer are they going to stick with 13 pitchers?

Currently their bench is:
McCain - Catcher
Franco/Laroche - 1b
Orr - Infield
Langerhans/Francoeur - OF

I imagine it will be when Chipper comes back, which will force Orr into the 5th outfielder/6th infielder role, which is a more recent innovation to allow for that 12th pitcher. After looking at the Richmond club's roster I have to say a 13th pitcher probably has more value to the Braves than Kerry Robinson. The only player who could contribute is Marte who is position blocked x2 at this point - I wonder how long until he is moved to RF?