Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Last night the following players were not tendered contracts:

American League
Angels: Jason Bulger, RHP.
A's: Jerome Williams, RHP.
Mariners: Joel Pineiro, RHP.
Orioles: David Newhan, OF; Aaron Rakers, RHP; Todd Williams, RHP.
Rangers: Mike Wood, RHP.
Rays: Damon Hollins, OF.
Royals: Scott Dohmann, RHP; Brandon Duckworth,
RHP. Tigers: Alexis Gomez,
OF. Twins: Luis Rodriguez, INF; Willie Eyre, RHP.
White Sox: Eduardo Sierra,
RHP. Yankees: Aaron Guiel, OF.

National League
Braves: Marcus Giles, 2B; Chris Reitsma, RHP.
Cardinals: Rick Ankiel, OF; Jorge Sosa, RHP.
Cubs: Jose Reyes, C; Adam Harben, RHP.
Dodgers: Toby Hall, C; Jayson Werth,
OF. Mets: Victor Zambrano, RHP.
Padres: Jon Knott, OF.
Reds: Brandon Claussen, LHP; Miguel Perez, C.
Rockies: Chin-hui Tsao, RHP

While Marcus Giles is the name that jumps out on the list, and really the only player to have a good chance of being a major contributor, there are a couple of interesting relievers who weren't tendered contract offers.

The other position players, are guys who top out as role players. Luis Rodriguez is a reasonable utility infielder, Knott and Hollins reasonable 5th outfielders and pinch hitters with a bit of pop. Werth an injury risk, but good week side platoon mate with upside.

Here are some thoughts on some relief pitchers some of whom are not not well known, but may end up having some value where ever they land.

Geeknote: The pitcher stats listed are K+, BB+, HR+, Hit+, are projected stats based on Chone Smiths projection system called Chone and adjusted and expressed as a percent of league average. So you want K+ numbers above 100% and BB+, HR+, and Hit+ numbers below 100%. They are not park adjusted.

Jason Bulger: Minor league, vet and little used reliever projects to be pretty solid if given regular work. Should have a good K rate, and keeps the ball in the yard, and does a good job of missing bats. Suffers some from control problems, but would be a solid 4-6 reliever in most pens, with some upside.

PlayerK+BB+HR+Hits +


Scott Dohmann: Live arm that with great strikeout track record that has not yet been able to harness his stuff, the odds aren't high but if he could get a handle on the strike zone he could end up a good end game arm. He projects to strong K rates, but a walk rate 25% worse than average.

PlayerK+BB+HR+Hits +


Chris Reitsima: Despite a brutal year last year, this guy still projects to be a pretty good reliever. He commands the strike zone, and keeps the ball in the park. He doesn't miss bat, but would be a pretty good middle reliever in the right circumstance.

PlayerK+BB+HR+Hits +


On the starting pitching side of the ledger, none of the starters who were non tendered have remotely interesting projections, though a few have interesting stuff and or performance histories specificly Claussen, Pinerio, and Williams. Williams and Claussen are failed prospects, and Pinerio is an enigma who looked very promising a handful of years ago, but whose performance has gone into the dumper.

All in all, not much of a crop this year.