Friday, August 12, 2005

The Greatest 2b of all time

Title: Who's the Man? Roger, Joe or Eddie - Not Bill

Purpose: To examine if Bill James claim that Joe Morgan is the greatest second baseman ever holds water?

By: Matthew Rauseo

You can find the full article here

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

45 Years Ago Today: Ted Williams announced his retirement

My favorite Williams anecdote was told in one of Ron Luchiano’s books. While managing the Senators Williams was in the umpire’s dressing room talking with the umpires. When President Nixon walks in un-announced to shake hands, and pat backs which apparently he did once in a while. He says hello and makes the rounds. When he gets to Williams he looks him in the eye, and before Nixon can say anything Williams says “how the fuck are you”, Nixon without a missing a beat, says “not bad you old son of a bitchThe umps look on sheepishly; Nixon turns to them and says “it’s all right I’ve met the bastard before”.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

SABR - 35

I just returned from SABR 35, in Toronto - like usual it was a wonderful experience. The funny thing about SABR is that you spend 4-5 days talking about baseball, watching research presentations and going to games - yet you fall out of touch with what is going on in major league baseball while the convention is going on.

I plan on blogging less, but writing bigger posts going forward, as I'm trying to turn this into a less commentary BLOG, but a research driven BLOG, which of course means I need to actually do some research. Which is exactly what I want to be doing anyway.