Sunday, October 16, 2005

1976 The Sporting News Baseball Guide

"attendence at the major league level remained firm at the 29m + mark for the regular league season, an impressive total considering the absence of pennant races n three of the four divisions and a generally depressed economy. of the 24 clubs, 17 had ome gates of in excess of of a million." pg 283 by Jerome Holtzman

"even more encouraging was an unmistakeable and unexpected reconfirmation of baseball's long time position as the nations No 1 spectator sport, a hold which in the last decade had been challanged by professional football. " pg 283 by Jerome Holtzman

"Baseball Becomes Dull only to Dull Minds." - Red Smith, New York Times

"Remarkably, 40% of the total TV sets in the country, including those not in use were tuned to the 7th game. It was the largest audience for any single event ever televised exclusivly by one network. " pg 283 by Jerome Holtzman

An estimated 76 million people watched game 7 of the world series.